Cilmi Declares Victory

Calls Islip Republican wins a "team effort"

Sometime after 10:30pm on Election Day, while at Islip Republican Headquarters in Bay Shore, New York, Tom Cilmi received a call from Democrat candidate Patrick Nolan.  Cilmi called Nolan a gentleman and thanked him for a tough race.

news12winpercent_260x320With some districts reporting a 3-1 margin, Cilmi’s lead ranged from 57% to 63% during the evening. When all was said and done, Cilmi wound up with 59.72%.  Nolan ended with 32.5%. The Conservative candidate finished with 7.78%.  Final vote totals as follows:

Cilmi (Republican) – 6,314

Nolan (Democrat) – 2,787

Nolan (Independence) – 425

Nolan (Working Families) – 224

Mollnar (Conservative) – 823

Cilmi attributed the size of the win to years of experience and leadership in the community, a strategically well-planned campaign which focused first on knocking on doors, and an awful lot of hard work by a great many people. “This was a wonderful team effort,” said Cilmi.  See the acceptance speech HERE.

Islip Republicans virtually swept their races, including Legislator Tom Barraga, Town Council candidates Stephen Flotteron and Trish Bergin, and three District Court judges.  The only blip in Islip’s results came in the Legislative race between Conservative Matthew Sillechia (who was endorsed by the Republicans) and incumbent Presiding Officer Bill Lindsay. Said Cilmi, “Matt had a steep hill to climb, but he worked hard to bring his message to the voters and did very well against a seasoned veteran.  There’s no doubt that Matt will have a bright future in public service if he chooses to stay active.”