Legislator Cilmi Proposes Amendment to Social Host Law

“We must leave no stone unturned in this life and death battle.”

(February 14, 2018 – East Islip, NY)

Legislator Tom Cilmi, Minority Leader of the GOP Caucus in Suffolk County, announced today he is drafting an amendment to Suffolk’s social host law to include illicit drugs.

His proposal comes on the heels of Nassau County Legislator Laura Schaefer filing a bill to include opioids, marijuana, cocaine and anabolic steroids in Nassau’s Social Host Law.

“We are truly in a new day,” said Cilmi, who has sponsored amendments to Suffolk’s social host law in the past.  “Underage drinking, in some cases, is no big deal to parents.  While it may seem hard for most of us to imagine, I’m afraid that same attitude may evolve to drug use.  Given the stakes, knowing what we know and seeing what we’ve seen, that’s just not acceptable.  We want to send a loud clear message to parents that whether it’s alcohol or illegal drugs, condoning this behavior will simply not be tolerated.”

Cilmi fears that increased marijuana use among high school students is a “gateway” leading children to other drugs like pills and heroin.

He said, “I applaud Legislator Schaefer for her leadership in this fight.  Hopefully this will help in our prevention efforts.  Our children are dying at alarming rates. We can leave no stone unturned to save lives.”

Cilmi’s proposal, for which he is hoping to have bipartisan support, could be voted on in April.