Legislature adds representative to RFP Waiver Committee

Cilmi - Legislature(March 6, 2018 – Smithtown, NY)  Legislator Tom Cilmi and Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory heralded the passage of legislation they co-sponsored adding a fourth member to the County’s RFP Waiver Committee, as an improvement in balance and transparency.

The RFP Waiver Committee reviews and authorizes requests from the County Executive’s office to bypass standard Request for Proposal procedures in certain limited cases.  Its current membership consists of three members, two assigned by the County Executive and one by the Legislature.  Since waiver requests only need a simple majority of two committee members to pass, Cilmi said the committee’s present structure rendered the Legislature’s representation meaningless and virtually guaranteed that every request would pass.

Cilmi said, “The Legislature and the Executive’s office are equal branches of government.  Adding a second member from the Legislature means that at least one member of the Legislature must approve waiver requests.  That adds a measure of balance and oversight, which is particularly important when we’re spending taxpayer money without the full consent of the Legislature.”

“Adding an additional legislature representative to the RFP Waiver Committee is a win for good government reform. This move brings balance to the committee and puts more eyes on what transpires without interfering with the procurement process,” said Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory.

The bill, approved on a 12 to 6 vote with five Democrat members joining all seven Republican members in support, now goes to the County Executive’s office for approval.