Moody’s Downgrades Suffolk Outlook to “Negative”

Republican Legislator Tom Cilmi Issues Statement

February 4, 2016 – Legislator Tom Cilmi issues statement on Moody’s downgrade of Suffolk County’s financial outlook to “Negative”

I am never partisan for the sake of being partisan, but Democrats have controlled Suffolk County for the last ten years and this is what we’ve got. We have more than double the debt…more than $1.5 billion, not including $300 million in pension debt and a variety of other hidden debts. Our former Chief of Police is in jail and a man with barely a month of experience in our PD or ANY PD, will likely be appointed Police Commissioner on Tuesday. Our former IT Commissioner appointed by CE Bellone was taken out in handcuffs. Drug use and violent crime in our communities is sky high, even as the CE touts an “overall decrease in crime.” These are good people who support bad policy, excessive spending and borrowing. They are good people who have failed Suffolk County and mortgaged our future. The Democrat-controlled Legislature has rejected Republican proposals aimed at substantial savings and transparency. The Administration has even argued against a bill I proposed to institute multi-year budget planning.

Yet, thanks to last year’s elections, a Democrat remains in the Executive’s office for the next four years, and the Democrats have a 12-6 majority in the Legislature for the next two years.

This is serious stuff. Why? We have lost the ability to provide a sufficient level of services while they have increased your Police property taxes EVERY YEAR.  And as the bills for all this debt come due, it will get much, much worse.

It is time to Suffolk County residents to rise up, get engaged, ask questions, share the TRUTH to shine light on this calamitous state of the County.  Here’s a promise…I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!  I will continue to hold our government accountable for they way they are spending YOUR money.  But here’s the thing…I need your help to spread the word.  Are you with me?  Are you ready for this fight or are you content to sit on the sidelines?

Please consider a donation to my campaign which is, in many ways, OUR campaign, to bring honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility and yes…courage back to our County government.  Whether it’s $10, $2,000 or anything in between, it all helps.  It’s simple…just click the CONTRIBUTE button above.  But whatever you do, before you click out of this article, read it again.  Ask yourself if our state of the county is acceptable.  You CAN do something.  Knowledge is power but it takes money to spread this information.  Please contribute today.

Together, let’s fight for a brighter future for Suffolk County.  Thank you.  May God bless us always.