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Police Reports Online in Suffolk

Legislator Tom Cilmi sponsored a bill in the Suffolk County Legislature directing the Suffolk County Police Department to study and report on the viability of creating a preliminary online police report option for residents wishing to report minor crimes. He said the idea came from a community meeting on crime. “Giving residents the option of
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Suffolk to Expedite Medicaid Applications for Veterans

Under a new policy proposed by Legislator Tom Cilmi, Suffolk County would create what Cilmi is calling an “HOV Lane” to expedite Medicaid applications for returning veterans in need.  While everyone knows that on the highway an HOV lane is for speedy traffic, Cilmi said it also means Helping Our Veterans. The proposal, set to
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Republican Legislators Propose Cuts in Borrowing

Legislator Tom Cilmi and the Republican Caucus of the Suffolk Legislature proposed more than $17 million of cuts to the County’s 2016 Capital Budget.  The Capital Budget consists of a list of projects which would require bonding or borrowing.  Interest expense typically adds 50% to the overall project cost. The sum total includes cuts of
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Waste & Abuse in Public Assistance

Republican Legislator Tom Cilmi sponsored legislation directing the Commissioner of Suffolk County’s Department of Social Services (DSS) to identify potential programmatic savings of 10% in the Department’s $640 million budget.  The bill directed the Commissioner to also include a state by state comparison of benefits offered. Cilmi said, “The DSS budget is by far the
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Reporting Potholes Will Be Easier in Suffolk County

Soon, it will be much easier for Suffolk residents to register complaints about potholes, graffiti, overgrown grass, etc. on County-owned roads, bridges, medians and shoulders thanks to a bill sponsored by Legislator Tom Cilmi and passed by the County Legislature. The bill requires the Suffolk County Department of Public Works and its Department of Information
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New Year…New Opportunities Fundraiser

Please join me as we celebrate the new year all over again. Tuesday, February 10, 2015  6:30pm to 8:30pm Irish Coffee Pub, 131 Carleton Avenue, East Islip, New York 11730 $100 per person Sponsorships Welcomed: Platinum: $2000 (includes 8 tickets) Gold: $1000 (includes 4 tickets) Silver: $500 (includes 2 tickets) Bronze: $250 (includes 1 ticket)
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Vote NO to Prop 4 and Prop 5

We are urging voters across Suffolk County to vote NO to ballot propositions 4 and 5. Here’s why. Proposition 4 eliminates the elected position of Treasurer in Suffolk County and would provide for the Treasurer to work for the Comptroller.  Anyone who’s been part of an organization knows that you can’t have the auditor (which
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2014 Ballot Referenda

The following five ballot propositions will be on this year’s ballot throughout Suffolk County and require your vote.  IMPORTANT:  They will be on the REVERSE side of the ballot. You must turn the ballot over to vote. PROPOSAL NUMBER ONE Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure The proposed amendment to sections 4 and 5 and addition of
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Wing Fling 4 a Huge Success!

Legislator Tom Cilmi says his annual “Wing Fling” event is, “The most fun you will ever have at a political fundraiser,” and it has developed a reputation for being just that.  Wing Fling 4, held Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at Lily Flanagan’s in Islip lived up to that reputation. With more than 150 in attendance,
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Imposing “healthy” menus in County buildings

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, the Suffolk County Legislature passed, in an 11-7 vote, a bill entitled, “A Local law to establish healthy food standards at Suffolk County Facilities.”  Legislator Tom Cilmi was among those opposed and called the measure “beyond absurd.” He said, “I’m all for asking the folks that operate our cafeterias and
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