Statement on Clinton Email Findings

"Ignorance is no excuse under the law."

According to the FBI: Hillary Clinton and her team sent and received highly classified emails while using a private server with minimal security. She should have known better. The emails were highly classified “at the time.” It is reasonable to believe our enemies accessed those emails, thereby putting national security at risk. “Several thousand” emails were discovered that were not turned over by Clinton, some of which were deleted.

That’s what the FBI found. They found no intent. Let’s go with that, although in my view it’s questionable.

If someone gets in a car and drives drunk, drives at a high rate of speed, gets into an accident and unintentionally kills someone, would there be criminal charges filed? Of course. Why? Because the drunk driver should have known better. Intent is not a critical component to the commission of a crime.  In fact, it is often said that ignorance is no excuse under the law.

Furthermore, she lied about it.

Yet, Hillary Clinton will likely escape charges.

Regardless of Director Comey’s recommendation, it is within DOJ’s responsibility and authority to bring charges. They should. They will not. I cannot help but believe that politics is guiding this decision. That is a breathtaking reality.

On the merits alone, Clinton deserves to be, at least, disqualified from federal office, especially the Presidency. The law says it; common sense dictates it. If she is elected President, it will represent a victory for lawlessness, and a further degradation of the standards to which we hold our elected officials, be it at the local or national level. It will be another sad day for our nation and another nail in the coffin of apathy in which the U.S.A. as we have known it will rest in piece.