Suffolk GOP Caucus Leader Tom Cilmi calls proposed overhaul of the County’s purchasing procedures illegal.

July 15, 2019 – Republican Caucus Leader Tom Cilmi today called for IR 1311-2019 Repealing Chapter 1065 of the County Code and substituting a new Chapter 1065, to be tabled in advance of the Legislature’s meeting on Tuesday, July 16.

Cilmi, citing advice of legislative counsel, called the bill illegal and “another attempt by the Bellone Administration to circumvent the Legislature’s oversight.”

He said the proposal strips the Legislature of its responsibility, as required by New York State Municipal Law section 104-b(4) to review purchasing policies and procedures annually, and instead would assign that responsibility to a newly created Central Purchasing department.

Similarly, the new law would reduce the County Comptroller’s oversight by limiting a review to every four years, as well as eliminating the Comptroller’s ability to require certain checks and balances designed to protect the taxpayers.

Cilmi said, “This is another assault on the independence of the Legislature and an obvious attempt to consolidate power within the control of the County Executive and strip the Legislature and the Comptroller of our rightful and necessary oversight role.  We are therefore calling for the bill to be tabled and amended.”